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V2 Cigs are all about providing a nicotine-based alternative to tobacco for it’s members. When you first look at their website, you’ll likely be struck by how professional looking their user interface is. Next you will see that there is a lot of reference made toward the health benefits of trading in your terrible, smokey-smelling Marlboro tobacco smoke (Marlboro is one of their flavors by the way.)

As I just mentioned, the user experience has been taken to a whole new level by V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette company. They have tested every possible angle, every question that we (consumers) might have –  and that experience is the foundation for my V2 Cigs review.



It doesn’t just stop there, my staff and I have “test drove” much of what V2 Cigs has to offer at this point and our visitors have given us some solid positive feedback too. The reason I ultimately kicked tobacco was because I slowly realized that I was one of the few people left in my social circle (including family) that still smoked cigarettes. Like many of you out there, I noticed friends and family holding their breath whenever I had just smoked and decided to take a look at some “digital cigs.”

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v2 cigs coupon code

My very first experience smoking an ecig was at work: A coworker of mine was always huffing on what I liked to call “the contraption” – I don’t know what the brandname was, but it was back when ecigs used a refillable “atomizer” instead of the replaceable (and more convenient) Kr808D “cartomizers” used in most popular ecigs today. Long story short: I really enjoyed puffing on the “contraption” and my coworker buddy told me it was water vapor and nicotine. That’s when I later ending up responding to an email offer containing a V2 Cigs coupon code for 10% off – this ended up being a great savings for me, since I ordered the top model at the time – with all the bells and whistles… and I’ve been vaping ever since!

Enough of my long-winded intro into the world of electronic cigs. I’m going to quickly go over some  of V2 Cigs popular “E Cig Starter Kits” followed by a TL;DR (Too Long;Didn’t Read) recap at the end for those of you who want to skip down to the hard facts.

V2Cigs Starter Kits – All Kits Come Standard With 10 Cartridges!

V2 Cigs Economy Kit: This little number is one of many affordable e cig starter kits available to consumers. It comes with a single battery, charger with USB and AC wall adapters, 10 V2Cig cartridges (flavors include their new cola flavor, along with other hits like menthol, chocolate, and cowboy flavors.) They have strength options ranging from zero (if you don’t want the nicotine) up to full (18mg nicotine.) If you smoke a lot of tobacco and want to switch, I recommend getting half medium and half full strength to see which one of them works for you. Use a V2 Cigs coupon at check out (they’re around!)

V2 Cigs Standard Kit: A definite upgrade from the Economy kit and this is what I recommend to most people starting out. Don’t worry, my reasons are fully justified – you get two batteries with this kit for about $20 extra. They give you the option to have both an automatic battery (it senses when you’re taking a haul and warms the nicotine solution) and a manual battery (has a push button to start the unit.) If you already prefer one of the two, you can request two of the same at checkout. V2 Standard kit comes with 10 cartridges, multiple flavor combos and you can mix and match colors with your order.

V2 Cig Couples Kit: I’ve never used this particular kit, but I had to mention it for the “cool factor.” Ideas like this are pure gold and very clever marketing. If you’re buying a kit for yourself, why not split the difference and get one for each of you? (If you have a significant other or someone who wants to vape.) V2 Cigs is giving you a super deal here also – It’s literally 2 “Standard” kits combined into 1. The main selling point is that you’re saving $10.00 dollars (even before you enter your V2 Cigs Coupon Code) and using less packaging (helping the environment.) You get all the same options as the Standard plus 4 batteries, 20 cartridges, 2 AC wall adapters, and 2 USB chargers.

You also have the option of buying the Traveler Starter kit, which gives you a handy car charger, 15 cartridges, and carrying case. If you’re really serious about vaping (like I am) you can go for the Granddaddy of all starter kits – The V2 Cigs Ultimate Starter. The Ultimate comes with 3 batteries, 25 cartridges, metal carrying case, portable charging case (PCC) and car charger. If you already like vaping, or know you’re going to like it; this is the best deal overall. Plenty of charging options, 3 batteries for backup and lots of cartridges to keep you going.

As promised, a little recap for those of you that like to skim through quickly when reading a webpage:

•    Tobacco is bad for you, it stinks, causes cancer and heart disease
•    V2 Cigs have their customers in mind when building their product, website, and support team
•    I have over two years of vaping experience and quit tobacco because it was embarassing for me
•    V2 Cigs offer you several starters including: Economy, Standard, Travelers, Couples, and Ultimate
•    Make sure you use a V2 Cigs Coupon when you enter the checkout (if you decide to buy)
•    Full satisfaction gaurantee

Good Luck!

Best of luck on your journey into the world of electronic cigs – if you don’t want to quit nicotine, but want to rid yourself of tobacco and its associated health risks, social embarassments, smell, etc… vaping a great way to curb your nicotine cravings while saving yourself from an early grave someday. Thanks for stopping by!